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Welcome to Bombadil's Band of Merry Misfits
We are a small Kinship dedicated to upholding the serious business of frivolity that is inspired by our patron. Tom Bombadil knows how to enjoy life with a song while still fighting the encroaching storm. Our goal is to imitate his joyous attitude while we battle the dark forces of Middle Earth.

We are always seeking those of like mind who enjoy finding the fun in life. Do you take the time to smell the roses on a lazy stroll through town? Do you giggle at the thought of laying on your back watching the clouds roll by after a rousing game of tag - or a round of "Whack-An-Orc"? If your interest is piqued and you would like to join our merry band of misfits, then please be sure to visit our Recruitment and Code of Conduct pages for all the necessary information.

Currently our site is running under the free version of Once we have enough active members to make subscribing worth it, we will be upgrading our account which will provide more features and a richer experience.