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Knitwise / Jan 11, 2012

I know, even Samwise is confused - I fear he may have forgotten his own kin. Oh well. I am going to try and start playing again, my neck and shoulder willing. I can't promise any marathon gaming but I'm missing everything and everyone.

See you tonight (hopefully)!

~ Knit
Knitwise / Nov 27, 2011

So after a week of voting, we have our results of the Thankful Moments contest. I have to make the announcement that one entry was disqualified because the person who entered it voted for themselves which, as was clearly stated in all polls, is prohibited. This event created a win for one of my characters so I am passing it on to another. Now, with all that being said - here are our winners...

Funniest is awarded to Gimlora

Most Creative is awarded to Piperia

Most Touching is awarded to Killaofbigpigs

Congratulations to all who participated, either in the creative or voting process... and now we return you to your normally scheduled game play.